Rental Bikes

Rental Bikes at Derby Bicycle Center

Bikes available: Road, Mountain, Comfort, Cruisers, by HOUR – DAY – WEEK

Derby Bicycle Center Rent A Bike information page. We will be servicing the Colorado Region. Broomfield, Thornton, Northglenn, Lafayette, Boulder and the surrounding Denver areas. We require a valid license and Credit Card on file for Bicycle Rentals. ” Reserve your bike – Click Here

FREE Helmet with all Bike Rentals. Locks are only $5.00 for the length of any rental.

Please read all of our Bicycle Rental Policy – Click Here

All rental clients will be able to credit their rental cost towards the full price of the same bicycle category within the first 30 days from initial bike rental. (Credit towards a different category will not be available. Example: Using credit on a Mtn Bike Rental towards a Cruiser bike purchase. ) Please call with any questions before rental.

Rental Bicycle Type5hr24hr2 Day3 Day7 Day   DEPOSIT AMOUNT
  Hardtail & Comfort MtnBike$35.00 $50.00 $75.00 $100.00 $150.00   $350.00 – REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT
  Full Suspension Mtn BikeNA$100.00$150.00$200.00$500.00   $1000-$1500REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT
  Road BikesNA $75.00 $125.00 $200.00 $450.00   $1000-$1500REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT
  Cruiser Bikes$35.00$50.00$75.00$100.00$150.00   $200.00 – REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT
  Children’s & Tag Alongs$20.00$50.00$65.00$90.00$125.00   $125.00 – REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT
  Children’s Trailers$35.00$50.00$75.00$100.00$150.00   $150.00 – REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT
  Car Rack Trunk Mount$10.00$25.00$40.00$50.00$75.00   $100.00 – REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT
  Helmets ONLY$5.00$10.00$15.00     $20.00 – REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT
  Hard Travel Bike Case   7 Days: $50.00    14 Days: $75.00  Deposit $200.00
  Bike Carrier for your car   3 Days: $20.00    7 Days: $30.00  14 Days: $50.00  Deposit $100.00
  Yakima 2″ Receiver 4 Bike   3 Days: $40.00    7 Days: $75.00  14 Days: $100.00    Deposit $200.00