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We stock the majority of the bikes listed below. Our inventory is well over 1000 bicycles, so if you want selection and on hand bicycle service second to none. Give us a try and you will not be disappointed!  Just click the bicycle manufacturer logo and visit their website for more information on the current products available and then give us a call for all your bicycle needs. No inquiry is ever to small to answer.

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electralogo1Electra Bikes – In the old days cruisers were very cool looking, very heavy, and very hard to pedal. Built only for a short cruise around the neighborhood. Our “Original Modern Cruisers” are an evolution of the classic designs that defined America in the 1940’s and 50’s. We kept the cool stuff
SlogoSpecialized: Specialized Bicycles , mountain, road, BMX biking equipment; parts; apparel; and accessories. It serves new bicyclists, as well as the seasoned veterans. One of the TOP names in cycling! We are riders—that fact has guided our every decision since 1974. When quality tires weren’t around, we strove to make the best. When people wanted to ride cruisers in the dirt, we made the first production mountain bike. When roadies wanted to go faster, we doubled-down on carbon and built our own wind tunnel. And when we saw kids struggling to focus in school, we started the Specialized Foundation to help them through cycling. Specialized. Made for riders, by riders.
harologo2Haro – One of the outstanding companies that features the BMX Style Bicycle and the ATB Style Bicycle. Quality built and many selections available
 Benno Bikes: To many designers in the bike industry, the art of making simple casual bikes looks boring and is hardly worth their time. To me, it’s a challenge to inspire people to use their bike more often and incorporate cycling into their everyday life. It’s not about how far and fast you ride or how many calories you burn.  It’s about creating a more efficient and fun way to explore your town. I am just a simple guy that likes to ride his bike for fun and easy transportation. My objections and problems are the same as yours and if I can design a bike that inspires me to ride, I’m pretty sure you’ll like to ride it, too. For me, the art is finding the perfect balance of comfort, style, performance, quality and price.
nirvelogo1Nirve Bicycles: While the world around us is rapidly changing, traits like quality, commitment, and style are always in demand. Here at Nirve Sports we pride ourselves on designing premium handmade bicycles that deliver on the promise every time you ride. Nirve Sports is an industry leader with our innovative comfort bicycles designed for the discerning customer. Our original frame designs, striking graphics and colors, superior comfort, and quality construction and materials add up to a bicycle that will carry you in style for years to come.
 Tuesday Cruisers:  Tuesday Cycles makes quality bicycles for the lovers, the dreamers and really rad people. True to its SoCal roots, the Tuesday lineup is full of bright and boldly colored cruiser and pavement bikes designed for a carefree and laid-back ride whether you’re headed down the strand to the beach, or across town to your local coffee shop.
 Verde Bikes: Verde means green. To us, green means fresh, new, and always changing. We started Verde in 2007 to create a simple, yet exciting brand of bikes that are clean, classic, and make BMX a better experience. We aspire to build something better again and again. Over the past ten years Verde has pushed the limits of what BMX bikes look like. We built bikes in small batches allowing us to focus on details not possible in mass production. Investment cast head tubes, ED plated colored spokes, the first complete bike frames with an integrated Pivotal post, and a color story like none other. When the rest of BMX goes black, Verde stays true to its name. A wide array of colors separate Verde from the crowd.
Kink BMX Bikes: Starting as a BMX parts company, Kink has grown to offer everything from small parts to complete bikes, along with having one of the most influential teams in BMX.
Stolen Brand BikesWhen STOLEN was founded in 2003 we had no idea we would be one of the Industry’s leading brands these few years later. Our initial focus was on the US & UK, but we rapidly grew to have worldwide distribution in more than forty countries. We realize today there are many brands to choose from. More than twenty five BMX companies are offering complete bikes today, that weren’t producing bikes when we started. Despite all this competition Stolen has continued to grow. We are a product-oriented company, not marketing magicians or used car salesmen filling you full of lies and B.S. We proudly make our bikes and parts in Taiwan, not mainland China. There is one reason $7,000.00 high-end road bikes are made in Taiwan and $100.00 WallyWorld bikes are made in China…