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    We have been designated an essential business to make sure people have an avenue to get out and exercise...Yesterday, Denver and Boulder issued orders asking all residents to stay at home unless performing essential activities. The orders include bike shops as an essential business that can stay open to provide support for Coloradans and visitors during the COVID-19 outbreak, and encourage bicycling as a form of outdoor activity.

    STORE HOURS: Tuesdayto Saturday 10am to 6pm  :  CLOSED SUNDAY-MONDAY
    Limit to 6 People in the Store - SERVICE ONLY in back of Store

    Derby Bicycle is ready for the CV issues at hand and currently understands the magnitude for all concerned. As many people will be at home during this time, Derby Bicycle will continue to be open and supply the biking community with service and bicycles. We understand that many people will need to get out and exercise on their bikes and that is why DBC will be open as well as keeping up the standard of sanitizing. Be aware that we have a stock of bikes but that many of the manufacturers will not be delivering for several weeks. Call if you have any questions..Thank You from all of us and be safe during this time.

    Kinesio Tape

    wrapNo doubt you’ve noticed that colorful stuff circling the legs of pro riders, and maybe even some of your club-ride buddies. It’s called kinesiology tape, and it supports muscles and connective tissues around an injury without hindering movement. It also reduces pressure on pain receptors and promotes blood flow, which can speed healing. In one study, those treated with kinesiology tape reported an immediate improvement in pain, while those who got dummy tape did not. And it helps promote better riding form. “The tape increases your awareness of where the targeted muscles are relative to each other—which can improve your alignment,” says physical therapist and ESPN injury analyst Stephania Bell.

    Try It  Follow these instructions from Christie Hill, a licensed physical therapist assistant at the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine in Colorado, to wrap a sore knee.

    1. Sit with your leg extended. Place a strip of tape from midthigh to the top of your knee.

    2. Bend your knee 90 degrees and, starting at the bottom of the first piece, place a strip around each side of the kneecap, crossing at the bottom.

    3. Starting slightly below the knee, wrap a strip around each side of the kneecap, crossing them over the top. There should be little to no stretch in the tape. “Apply it prior to a ride, and leave it on for up to three days,” Hill says. See your doctor if symptoms persist.


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