Privacy Policy:
DBC will not sell, rent or lease any private customer information. All customer information will be confidential and will not be used for any purpose other than to keep track of service, sales or credit.

DBC will be advertising via internet and in print. All of DBC customers will receive our coupons or advertisements via regular mail or email this will also include any newsletters. All of DBC coupons will be dated as to the expiration of that particular special or offer and cannot be used after the date on each coupon. All Internet coupons will also have an expiration date that applies.

• All shipping will be done with 24-72 hours from order date.
• We ship via all the major carriers and all items are insured.
• Any Return must have an authorization either via email or ph.
• Any returns will have a 25% Restocking Fee.
• Any returns will be at the expense of the buyer and must be in the exact same condition when returned with all original
• All specialty orders there are absolutely no returns on. Please make sure you are ordering the correct item before you pay.
If there is any question on any order please call and verify.

Refunding on Merchandise:

All of our sales are final except for manufacturers defects. You must call the store for your return authorization. (No exceptions)

If you end up having a manufacturers defect, your product will be exchanged for the same product or upon agreement a like product. If there is a higher amount, customer must pay the difference between the two items. You cannot exchange for a lower item and receive cash back.

Any questions, call, email or fax us at anytime and we will get back to you asap.